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Church Attendance during Covid-19

Please DO NOT attend church if you have a fever, sore throat and/or flu like symptoms.  If you have such symptoms please ensure you get tested for COVID-19.

You no longer need to book to come to a Church Service.  However, we must adhere to the 1 person per 4 square metre rule, which equates to about 70 persons within our Church. Persons will be allocated within the Church on a first in first serve basis inclusive of an allocation inside the Church of 5 persons for memorial services. Once there are more than 70 persons within our Church, parishioners will be directed to walk around the outside of our buidling to our hall where the Liturgy will be projected and heard. Those in the hall will not be permitted to interact with those in the Church. 

Now that as many as want to can attend Church, we will no longer be livestreaming our Services. Livestreaming will be available from other Parishes. 


Bible Study and English Liturgies

All talks are in English and all are welcome. We meet every Tuesday in the room above our hall, 7.15 – 8.30pm, (except on weeks when there is an English Liturgy).  

Our next English Liturgy will be on Wednesday 21 October  7 – 8.30pm.


We will have a Vigil (in Greek) for the Feast of the Translation of St John the Theologian on Friday 25 September, 7pm till about 1am

Feeding the Homeless

We now feed to homeless and poor every Wednesday evening.  For more details go to Feeding the Homeless