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Church Attendance during Covid-19

From 11 October the lockdown is being eased and our St Ioannis Church will be open again, see:

You do not need to book to come to our Church Services, however:

  • Anyone with flu like symptoms should isolate at home and be tested for COVID,
  • When you arrive you need to leave us your name and phone number or scan our QR code,
  • Masks need to be worn in Church,
  • We need to maintain 4 mdistancing.  This equates to about 80 people in our Church, so the first 80 to arrive can stay in the Church, those that come later will be directed to our hall, where the Liturgy can be heard and seen on a screen. 
  • Our Services will also be livestreamed on  
  • The program of our Church Services can be seen on October Church Program  and  November Church Program



Our next English Liturgy will occur on Wednesday 3 November  7 – 8.30pm.  


Vigils a a very special opportunity for fervent prayer and worship.  We will be having a Vigil for the Feast of St Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist on Monday 15 November, from 7pm till about 12.30 am.


Our Bible Study class will re-commence on Tuesday 19 October.  Talks are in English, and for adults of all ages. We discuss the Bible and other spiritual topics.  These talks are held every Tuesday, 7.15 – 8.30pm, (except on the Tuesdays on a week when there is an English Liturgy). 


YOKE is a Youth Group for those aged 18 – 30.  It also will not be held during the lockdown, but will resume once the lockdown is fully over. Generally YOKE organizes a spiritual talk on Sunday evenings followed by a common meal.  During the lockdown, and also when we are not in lockdown, YOKE also organizes spiritual podcasts which can be heard on
Feeding the Homeless

We feed to homeless and poor every Wednesday evening, and deliver groceries to the homes of the poor on Friday and Saturday mornings, even during lock-downs.   For more details go to Feeding the Homeless