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Church Attendance during Covid-19

  1. You can live-stream most of our Church Services on ttps://
  2. Please socially isolate if you have fever, sore throat and/or flu like symptoms, in fact if you have such symptoms consider being tested for COVID-19
  3. 50 worshipers are now allowed in the Church, over and above the Priest and his helpers. At St Ioannis you can phone our Church phone number, 9635 9480 and book a Church attendance.  Please try and call Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.  You can book as many mid-week Liturgies as you like, however in an effort to be fair to all, each person can only book one Sunday Service a month. Only those that have pre-booked can attend the Services.
  4. From 1st July there will be no limit to how many can come to Church, but there can only be one person per 4 square metres. Our Church under these guidelines can fit 60 people.  From 1st July there will no longer be a need to book to come to Church.   We will allocate 5 spots inside the Church per Mnimosino, and in the rest of the Church the people that come first can stay.  Once there are more than 60 inside the Church, the rest will need to go into our hall.  In the hall the Liturgy will be projected and heard. 
  5. At Church apply hand sanitiser that we will provide, do not kiss icons or the Priest’s hand, and maintain at least 1.5 metres from others
  6. The exact dates and times of our Services for June can be seen on and for July on


Bible Study and English Liturgies

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have eased we have started regular Bible Study again.  All talks are in English and all are welcome. We meet every Tuesday in the room above our hall, 7.15 – 8.30pm.  (There will be no Bible Study on Tuesday 7 July). 

We do English Liturgies on Wednesday evenings, the exact dates and times can be seen by checking under the “Church Services” tab of this website. 


Feeding the Homeless

We now feed to homeless and poor every Wednesday evening.  For more details go to