October 2020 Church Services

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  • You no longer need to book Church attendances
  • Once the Church has filled up in accordance with the 4 m2 rule, so after the 1st 75 persons, those that come later will be directed to walk around the outside of our building and enter our hall.  In the hall the Liturgy can be heard and seen on a screen. Those in the hall will not permitted to interact with those in the Church
  • We will no longer be livestreaming our Services

SUNDAY  4 October

Hierotheos bishop of Athens

7.30 – 11am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

SUNDAY  11 October

Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council

7.30 – 11am    Matins – Divine Liturgy 

SUNDAY  18 October

Luke the Evangelist

7.30 – 11am    Matins – Divine Liturgy 

TUESDAY  20 October

Gerasimos of Cephalonia

7 – 9.30am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

WEDNESDAY  21 October


78.30pm   English Divine Liturgy 

FRIDAY  23 October

James, the Brother of the Lord

8 -11am    Holy Liturgy of St James at the Church of St Nicholas, 203-207 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville

SUNDAY  25 October

Marcian, Tabitha

7.30 – 11am    Matins – Divine Liturgy  

MONDAY  26 October

Dimitrios the Myrrh-streamer

7 -10am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

WEDNESDAY  28 October

Holy Protection of the Theotokos

7  – 9.30am    Matins – Divine Liturgy