December 2020 Church Services

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  • You no longer need to book Church attendances
  • Once the Church has filled up in accordance with the 4 m2 rule, so after the 1st 75 persons, those that come later will be directed to  our hall.  In the hall the Liturgy can be heard and seen on a screen. 
  • We will no longer be livestreaming our Services

WEDNESDAY  2 December

Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

FRIDAY  4 December

Greatmartyr Barbara, John of Damascus, Seraphim

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

SATURDAY  5 December

Savvas the Sanctified

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

SUNDAY   6 December

Nicholas of Myra

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7.30 -11am     

Talk in English for Youth and Young Adults in our hall

WEDNESDAY  9 December

Conception of St Anna

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

SATURDAY  12 December

Spyridon the wonderworker

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am, then Cleaning bee of our Church and gardens till about 1pm

SUNDAY   13 December


Matins – Divine Liturgy  7.30 -11am  then end of year Sunday School Concert

TUESDAY  15 December

Martyr Eleftherios & his mother Anthia

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

THURSDAY  17 December

Dionysios of Zakinthos, Prophet Daniel

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7 – 9.30am

SATURDAY  19 December


English Divine Liturgy  9 – 10.30am

SUNDAY   20 December

Sunday before Nativity, Ignatius the Godbearer

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7.30 -11am  

THURSDAY  24 December

Evgenia Martyr

Hours, Vespers, D. Liturgy of St Basil   6.30 – 10.30 am 

FRIDAY  25 December


Matins – Divine Liturgy     5.30 – 9am

SUNDAY   27 December

Sunday after Nativity, First Martyr Stephanos

Matins – Divine Liturgy  7.30 -11am