October 2019 Church Services

Διαβάστε αυτό στα Ελληνικά

WEDNESDAY  2 October

KIDS FUN DAY for children on School holidays and their carers  10am – 1pm

SUNDAY  6 October

Apostle Thomas

7.30 – 11am   Matins – Divine Liturgy

WEDNESDAY  9 October

COMMUNITY APPEAL organised by GWC Community Services for : Clothing (New and Used); Cans or Packets of Food Items; Household Items; Games / Toys / Presents (for kids and adults); Donations / Money Vouchers. Please bring these items to entry of our hall before 9 October, at a time when our facilities are open.

SATURDAY  12 October

English Divine Liturgy  9 – 10.30am  then Fun Day for children and teenagers till 1pm

SUNDAY  13 October

Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council

7.30 – 11am   Matins – Divine Liturgy  then a talk by the Psychologist Maria Petrohilos: “Parenting in the age of anxiety “

FRIDAY 18 October

Luke the Evangelist

7.15-10am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

SUNDAY  20 October

Gerasimos of Cephalonia

7.30 – 11am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

from 1.30pm Walk-a-thon at St Nicholas Church Marrickville  for the Greek Welfare Centre

WEDNESDAY  23 October

James, the Brother of the Lord

8 -11am    Divine Liturgy of St James, at the Church of St Nicholas, 203-207 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville

SATURDAY  26 October

Dimitrios the Myrrh-streamer

7.15 – 10.15am    Matins – Divine Liturgy

SUNDAY  27 October

Martyr Nestor

7.30 – 11am   Matins – Divine Liturgy  then Greek National Day Concert from our Greek School

MONDAY  28 October

Holy Protection of the Theotokos

7.15 – 10am    Matins – Divine Liturgy