Upcoming Events


From Saturday, 18th April, and continuing every Saturday for several weeks, from 8am till the afternoon, we will need lots of volunteers to help us move our Church.  The first few weeks we will be working on our new property, at the corner of Purchase and George streets, Parramatta, and later we will start working at our current Church to move icons, furniture etc.  



Some of you have expressed need to spend some quiet time in our current Church, pray, reminisce, take photos, and to do this before the icons start coming down etc.  Our Church is open on most Wednesdays 4-6pm while Fr Dimitri does his office hours, so you are certainly very welcome to come at this time, you could also phone Fr Dimitri on 0418 298197 (or email church@stioannis.org) to see at what other times the Church will be open.

ST IOANNIS FELLOWSHIP  Will continue every Tuesday, 7.15 - 8.30pm, in the classroom under our hall in 11 Hassall St, Parramatta

ENGLISH LITURGIES  These are held at our current Church once a month on a Wednesday, 7 - 8.30pm, our next one will be on the feast of St John the Russian, Wednesday 27th May.  (On that week there wil lbe no Fellowship)

If you would like to receive regular emails, informing you of what our Parish is doing, simply email us on church@stioannis.org and ask to be put on our email database. Those receiving such emails do not see who else gets them, in this way advertising companies will not get hold of our database.

From the Holy Fathers

The Christian today- not unlike the Christians of other eras, but in ways that are continually “updated” as society carries on-  is not told simply that he mustn’t fight the passions, that he mustn’t battle the devil:  he is told that the passions are unreal and the devil does not exist.  He is told that ascesis is unnatural, that spiritual warfare is delusional.  He is told that judgment is oppressive and the desire to become something defined by another (even God!) is psychologically unhealthy.  He is told that to believe in the Church’s tradition is simplistic, pietistic adherence to

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